Academic Programs

The Department currently offers two regular degree programs - Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP) and Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (MURP). The BURP program runs through eight semesters with a minimum degree requirement standing to be ranging between 156 to 162 courses credits. Later on, in 2009, the MURP program was introduced which now spans up to 2 semesters with 36 courses credits as the degree requirement. Currently, alongside these two academic programs, the department also enrolls MPhil and PhD researchers for pursuing research degrees.

The Department’s academic focus is on human settlement development planning at the urban, rural, regional and local levels. Precisely, the academic endevour is about examining and exploring the physical, social, environmental, economic and political aspects of human settlements and proposing solutions, improvements to existing problems/conditions couching on courses namely Urban Planning, Rural Planning, Regional Planning, Transportation Planning, Housing, Environmental Planning, Development Planning, etc. It also focuses on physical environment with broader and more explicit concern for social and economic policies, employment generation, poverty alleviation, income distribution, resource development, political and institutional aspects of development, etc. In brief, the overall activities of the Department are planned to meet the demand for skilled manpower in human settlements planning, development management and other related professional fields by providing a set of widely applicable training and experience and their application to urban, rural and regional problems.