List of Researches Areas

Department of Environmental Sciences

The department has experts in many fields of Environmental Sciences as described in academic staff profiles. Research interests of the faculties are diverse. The department has three basic laboratories that focused on Environmental Chemistry and Pollution, Environmental Biology and Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing and GIS. In addition advanced laboratories namely, Environmental Research and Testing Laboratory (ERTL) and Water Research Centre (WRC) focused on waste water treatment has been established with state-of- art instruments for frontier research and testing services. Research activities in the department mostly covers the following fields:

* Climate Change

* Waste Water Treatment

* Arsenic Pollution and Mitigation

* Pesticides and POPs

* Speciation of Trace and Radioactive Elements in the Environment and their impacts on human health

* Water Science and Climate Change

* Environmental Pollution, Biogeochemistry and Climate Change

* Environmental Biotechnology

* Environmental Modeling and Monitoring

* Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling

* Renewable Energy

* Hydrogeology and Water Pollution, 

* Mineral Resources

* Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management

* Remote Sensing and GIS

* Natural Resources Degradation and Management

* Aquatic Ecology

* Bio-monitoring and Phytoremediation of Pollutants

* Environmental Chemistry

* Limnology, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

* Organic Pollutants and their Environmental Distribution and Remediation

* Water Science

* Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment

* Water and Soil Sciences and Climate Change

* Biodegradable Polymer and Radiation Chemistry

* Pollution Remediation, Aquatic Chemistry and ETP

* Water Resources Management

* Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

* Environmental Ecotoxicology

* Hazards of Telecommunication and E waste

The department also publishes two journals named Jahangirnagar University Environmental Bulletin and Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Research that plays a significant role to dissimilate the research output of different issues of regional and global environmental aspects.